Betty Cuthbert Avenue, Ermington, New South Wales, Australia

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Demolish the shops and start over

So that people could...

These shops are an eyesore and often the only thing “outsiders” know about Ermington (which isn’t seen as a positive). Demolish the shops and start again – underground parking, shops at ground level situated around a well lit, vibrant courtyard, with apartment buildings on top. Incorporate child-friendly play spaces to make it a family hub (eg with play equipment/water feature etc). Could be a great community hub, with local events, small markets, great cafes – a place people enjoy hanging out in.

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Because I want Ermington to be...

I want Ermington to have public spaces local residents want to congregate in, that reflect the new emerging demographic of the area

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  1. ErmintonjAugust 31, 2016

    This would be a nice idea, but the land is not all owned by the council, its owned by private people as well

  2. NeilSeptember 6, 2016

    A liitle drastic but appreciate the great vision for an improved shopping precinct, improved accessibility and parking. Shopping area has been stuck in a time-warp since the 60's

  3. Lizzy BeeSeptember 12, 2016

    I will not shop there. The entry at Spurway St is a disaster. The public phone near Woolworths attracts the drug addicts, and there are no decent shops. No nice café, no butcher, no green grocer. The woollies is dreadful. With all the new development down near the waterfront, something needs to be done.

  4. waterpiecesSeptember 15, 2016

    I hope they get to make this place a little bigger with access to green grocer, gym, butcher, delicatessen etc. The restaurants here are all excellent but old fashioned. I think a littler more variety with accessible facilities would be nice, kinda like West Ryde Marketplace.

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