22A Cowells Ln, Ermington NSW 2115, Australia

My idea to improve this place


Build a dog proof wire fence along the full length of Cowells Lane Reserve on Cowells Ln, with suitable self-closing gates at regular intervals.

So that people could...

Allow their dogs and children to run and play without the constant fear of them running out of the park and being run over by the speeding traffic.
The treated pine log fence that is in situ only stops cars. Dogs and small children just go under it. It has whole panels missing and gaps for entry and exit.
People drive from nearby takeaway food shops, park in the parking spaces facing the park to enjoy the view while they eat, dump the wrapping and any left over food and cooked chicken bones on the ground and drive away.
Dogs smell this from a long way away, walk under the fence and eat whatever they can.
Sometimes the rubbish is on the other side of Cowells Ln so dogs run across the road with their mind on food not the road.
Children follow trying to get the dog.
Likewise, children run after balls which roll out of the park.
There have been several near misses and sooner or later someone is going to get run over unless we get a proper fence.

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Because I want Ermington to be...

Safe for chldren and dogs to walk, run and play in. A place where parents and owners can enjoy a walk with their charges without the constant fear of the adjacent road.

In or after wet weather the concrete path near Cowells Lane is the only possible pace to walk but nearly half of it runs along Cowells Ln just inside the treated pine log fence.

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