Ermington, New South Wales, Australia

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know that Ermington – took its name from the mansion of Major Edmund Lockyer, the founder of the settlement at Albany, WA and later Police Magistrate to Parramatta. Before that ‘Ermo’ was part of the Eastern Hills and the Field of Mars region where Governor Phillip had granted land to eight marines around 1792 and was known as One Tree Hill – also once a signalling station.

‘Ermington House’ was completed in 1828. Lockyer acquired more land in the area and by 1830 had over 1900 hectares on which grazed 1280 sheep and over 300 cattle. The riverside farmland, that was once Ermington produced fruit and world famous wines, was gradually transformed with young couples (people) buying cheap land subdivided by the Government after World War II. A large amount of public housing was constructed by the Housing Commission of NSW and is mostly extant today, 70 years later.

refer http://www.visitsydneyaustralia.com.au/names-suburbs-dg.html

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helping one understand and connect with past associations and make meaning of place. When you pass by or visit a place, you might not understand the history or reason for the location, past/present use until you read interpretative sign that explain and interpret that place

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