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Share your suggestion to transform public spaces in Ermington. Submissions are open until September 26. Each week a lucky entry prize will be drawn weekly. Five finalists will go in the running to see their idea realised. Ideas to be considered should be valued at approximately $5000.


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Imagine Ermington closed on September 26.
Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas, we’ll be announcing the winner shortly!


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Step 4: The City of Parramatta will deliver one idea to the value of $5000

The City of Parramatta will choose 5 finalists with one selected to be delivered!

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Recent idea

  • Use to wash hand and drinking water for all including pets. Installing BBQ placements and seating huts will have families enjoying more family time and everybody getting active. Fix tennis ground in George Kendell and install bicycle racks in all 3 parks.

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  • Could use a nice make over at the end of Hughes Avenue giving access to the walkway along the river like the one at the end of Wharf Rd.. At present the current situation is unmaintained - messy and dangerous

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  • Walk safely along the streets without tripping on uneven ground or being forced to walk on the road outside parked cars if wheeling a pram, wheelchair or walking frame.
    There is mix of young parents and older residents who need a footpath.

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  • Enjoy the park with its extensive walking tracks, BBQs, seating areas and play equiptment but no toilets.
    Small children and others get caught out and are forced to go in the bushes. This is most undesirable.
    This is the only park I have ever met that has water, BBQs, eating areas and play equiptment but not toilets.

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  • so that we can improve the quality of life of some of our elderly, disabled, or isolated community members, whilst bridging generations and creating discussions between families, neighbours, et al. all whilst supporting education and sustainability.

    A community garden in Bruce Miller Reserve, with a pedestrian crossing for safe access to the park could be just the thing our little community is looking for!

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