Forest Grove, Epping, New South Wales, Australia

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With all the new buildings in this street there has been a loss of trees in both the properties and on the nature strip. Can this street have a proper street landscaping with more trees on the nature strips planted with some uniformity and planning involved. So that Forest Grove can have more than a few scrappy trees put in by the developers.

So that people could...

So that people can have pride in their street, to restore shade and modify the temperature of the street, to provide habitat for the wildlife.

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Because I want Epping to be...

Because I want Epping to continue to be a leafy and attractive suburb in which to live.

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  1. AdamApril 3, 2017

    Great suggestion. Thanks for posting. 1) I was also thinking that we could connect all Epping Parks with aesthetically pleasing walking routes too (e.g. nice gardens, ample tree coverage for shade, well-lit solar powered street lamps for safety): Forest Park to Boronia Park and along oxford street to Epping Athletics Park and to Devlin’s creek. 2) I remember Council used to hold open air community cinema at Forest Grove too, that was some fond memories 3) Thanks for highlighting the importance of trees. I was researching this in particular: trees provide shade on hot days, prevent storm water runoff, attract wildlife and birds, aesthetically pleasing, provide cleaner air quality by turning polluting carbon dioxide into healthy oxygen. embracing nature also reduces stress (calms the mind), and encourages people to be healthier and exercise/explore the outdoors.

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