Hunts Lane, Epping

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Using Hunts Lane as an example, Epping is filled with empty laneways. This causes the effect of dead spaces and missed opportunities of local economy and overall safety. My idea to improve these ‘dead’ laneways is to revitialise these shortcut laneways as access points for weekly local markets and outdoor public cultural hubs.

So that people could...

Who doesn’t like a good shortcut? People tend to use laneways as a way to get to point A to B in a shorter time, however many laneways are never fully realised, leaving them empty, dark, and dangerous. By reactivating these laneways as a local economic community boost, it will help change and bring life back to these streets. By providing an activity for each laneway it will provide a fresh colourful character to Epping, helping break up the heavily induced traffic of Beecroft Road, Carlingford Road and Rawson Street. It will enticing people to walk in new areas and circulate around Epping’s CBD more fully. These laneways can be filled with pop up stores or market places where locals can sell their goods and handy craft, or cultural event areas such as a public art space, where good coffee can be bought.

These laneways are highly potential spaces where it will provide community engagement imput and further increase pedestrianizing the local area. Imagine “The laneways of Epping, a new character presents itself around every corner”.

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Because I want Epping to be...

A new destination for the North West area. A cultural hub known for local goods and a colourful atmosphere. As Epping becomes more accessible via public transport and more families are locating themselves to the area, the laneways of Epping can become open public realms of new activity and hidden gems. Mums and dads, and kids of all ages can enjoy themselves with a safe environment whilst still ensuring a new boost in Epping's local community economy.

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  1. AdamMarch 30, 2017

    great suggestion. Thanks! reminds me of hidden gems that can be found in alleyways in Melbourne, and Europe, Quebec

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