Epping, New South Wales, Australia

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Significant tree register. Trees of significance both on public and private land are recorded in a register and cannot be removed with out public consultation and Council approval. It needs to be that it is very difficult to get this approval.

So that people could...

So that people of the future will be able to admire and enjoy the 100 plus year old trees in the suburb which may otherwise be removed. We are currently seeing numerous mature trees being removed from Epping each day including some very healthy trees. This trend needs to stop.

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Because I want Epping to be...

I want Epping to have some mature trees for people to enjoy in the future. This will also help to keep the environment cooler and the air fresher hence making it a healthier suburb in which to live.

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  1. AdamMarch 31, 2017

    Thanks for highlighting this. Trees provide shade on hot days, prevent storm water run, attract wildlife and birds, aesthetically pleasing, provide cleaner air quality by turning polluting carbon dioxide into healthy oxygen. Nature also reduces stress (calms the mind), and encourages people to be healthier and exercise/explore the outdoors. For every building that is erected, I feel we need to offset this by putting as much investment in nature, gardens, parks, vertical gardens, etc, some organisations are starting to do this already around the world and give back by taking care of the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Trees like corals outlive human lives, it is something to be treasured and preserved for future generations and not be unceremoniously destroyed for a quick build and cash grab. great suggestions, thank you

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