Epping, New South Wales, Australia

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Shopping bus. Have a regular mini bus to take us to and from the shops and to bring us home to our door (or appartment entrance).

So that people could...

People in Epping are being told they will not need to have cars. However, we need cars to do a large grocery shop or to buy bigger items. Epping also has a very limited shopping centre so we need to drive to get to larger shopping centres if we have a number of items to purchase and cannot carry them home using public transport. A shoping bus would decrease our dependence on having a car.

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The traffic and parking will not be able to cope with the additional 10,000 or more people moving into Epping. So we will need to start thinking of alternative ways to get around without using our cars.

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  1. AdamMarch 31, 2017

    most liveable cities are walkable, bikeable and have great public transportation, with cars as an option. its healthier for the environment and people if we can all safely walk and bike, catch trains and buses to our destinations. these options are all great for reducing number of cars on the road, to not only reduce unsightly congestion, but carbon emissions that exacerbate global warming. great suggestion.

  2. Margaret McCartneyApril 18, 2017

    Yes anything to reduce our dependence on cars would be good and being able to walk to places would be useful, especially through green spaces. In the meantime how do we get our shopping home without cars? There may need to also be more home delivery options. Coles does not currently complete home deliveries. Maybe a community group of strong volunteers could offer to deliver shopping by walking and using a trolley.

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