Rawson Street near Coles and Chemist Warehouse, Epping, New South Wales, Australia

My idea to improve this place


Pelican crossings and/or enforcement by plain clothes officers of offending drivers re: pedestrian safety

So that people could...

1} Pedestrians:
A] can cross at pedestrian crossings near Chemist Warehouse, Coles, and the council car park in between without being hit/killed

B] should be courteous and considerate to drivers and seek to cross in groups…need bright eye-catching signage in multiple languages?

2} Drivers (especially those unfamiliar with Australian road rules and would only learn by either losing face or tangibly through fines and/or demerit points) are made aware that:
A] pedestrians have right of way in Australia

B] “no risk of hitting a pedestrian” does not mean not slowing down/speeding up/cutting off pedestrians with only 1cm to spare – especially when these drivers subsequently have to queue at/stop for the red light at the Carlingford Road intersection anyway…they actually lose no time!

C] they must not drive onto the crossing if the road beyond the crossing is blocked

D] they must STOP for pedestrians *at the stop line* when exiting the council car park

E] they should use the overhead round mirror as they approach…and must STOP for pedestrians *at the stop line* when exiting the car park behind and under Coles and rejoining Rawson Street

F] they must *not* park/stop along No Stopping zones along Rawson Street to wait/pick up/drop off passengers or for a quick shop (very evident after say 6 on weekdays), especially in high-riding vehicles as they block the line of sight between other drivers and pedestrians leading to more injuries/fatalities

G] they should *not* zoom around blind corners around the car park area and when entering/exiting the car parks

H] allow room for cars within the council car park *and* in the oncoming direction to enter/exit the council car park *without* blocking flowing traffic and incite road rage etc.

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Because I want Epping to be...

A better safer and more respectful place for all.

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  1. AdamApril 5, 2017

    Rawson street is jammed with cars day and night. Personally i think its safer (young and old), healthier, aesthetic, sustainable to have a car-free zone. the other options might be to limit street for buses only, or close bottom half of Rawson street and have a no through road (e.g. leave coles, bus stop outside Discount chemist as is) but make the top-half of Rawson street car free zone (e.g. from Epping arcade to the top of the roundabout)

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