I was born in this Epping neighbourhood, and at 36 have started my own family. Epping community means a lot to us, so my family (young and old) and future generations can enjoy a liveable, walkable, sustainable Epping Town Centre

My idea to improve this place


More open gathering spaces for community activities, narrow streets, more trees, car-free zones, wide and well-lit safe walking paths for children and elderly

So that people could...

young and elderly can safely walk or bike around and gather for community activities (pop-up markets, arts, cafe meet-ups, exercise, etc) and play freely in large open spaces and wide foot-paths under the comfortable shade of ample tree covering. car-free zones and narrow streets are a must for safety, similar to liveable town centres around the world (wide streets means car travel faster and its not safe for children). Switzerland has examples of car-free zones in the town centres, Paris declares car-free days, Denmark (rates high in liveability) has more bikes than cars. other examples of walkability in mind are old town centres in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Vienna, Venice, Prague

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Because I want Epping to be...

Liveable, walkable and sustainable (eco-friendly) Epping town centre, "designed for people" and not vehicles. A world-class epitome of new urbanism design that celebrates Epping’s unique character, its residents, history, and the community’s love of nature and wildlife

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