Epping needs open space

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Keep 725 Blaxland Rd, Epping zoned as public recreation land and preferably as open space for the community to access.

So that people could...

So people in apartment blocks have access to green open space, vegetation and trees. It can also provide playground facilities for children and BBQs for families. Likewise there is space for public recreation both passive and active. It is not good enough to tell people living in the Town Centre to go to areas which are more than 400m away for open space. More open space is also required to maintain the air quality in Epping which is now polluted with the increase in traffic and building works.

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Because I want Epping to be...

Epping is to have another 6,000 dwellings and this will result in a population increase. These additional 10,000 plus residents will need open space, parks and areas for recreation. This include outdoor areas for children to play and access the sunshine. Access to the outdoors is essential for childrens' bone growth, eye development and mental health. Open space is required to make Epping a liveable suburb.

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  1. MaccaMarch 16, 2017

    I agree

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