68 Beecroft Rd, Epping NSW 2121, Australia

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Create Car-Free Zone Centre – Fountain, Widen Footpaths, Narrow the Streets, Humming Public Transport system

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Every town needs a car-free town centre to celebrate its unique character and have areas where residents can congregate as a community for leisure. If there is no designated car free zone town centre, then the town loses its soul and character, as the suburb becomes a place to ‘drive through’ rather than ‘arrive at’. Piazza in Italy and Germany have plenty walking space for pedestrians and street entertainment and places rest by fountains and cafes, to meet friends and family. Its circular architecture provides a safer atmosphere as everyone is looking into the centre, reducing likelihood of theft as there are no dark corners and it is well lit.

Store/Shop owners benefit ten fold having car free zone. street parking provides maximum of two cars outside a store at any one time. now imagine hundreds of potential customers each hour, if it is replaced with wide pedestrian areas and car free zones instead (e.g. piazza)

Narrowing streets makes them safer for kids and elderly, as it slows vehicle traffic. Personally I feel we are all accountable for making our neighbourhood safer for our young and old. Liveable towns have their transportation needs fulfilled by a humming public transport system (train, bus) and making it easy and safe to bike and walk from station hubs.

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