42 Kent Street, Epping, New South Wales, Australia

My idea to improve this place


Build appropriate traffic slowing devices along Kent Street between the Carlingford Road and Boronia Avenue intersections

So that people could...

1} cross Kent Street safely (especially near the Carlingford Road intersection). Too many drivers:
A] carry excessive speed around the blind corner from Carlingford Road (and not give way to pedestrians)
B] floor the accelerator down the hill (and even up the hill in the opposite direction)
C] plough through the redone Boronia Avenue (and Bridge Street) intersection(s) without indicating, let alone giving way.

Some drivers will also drive south-bound from 44 Kent Street straight through the Carlingford Road intersection down Kent Street when it is left-turn only…often when either pedestrians are crossing Kent Street near Carlingford Road, or when drivers from Kent Street have started to turn right into Carlingford Road after these offending drivers (thinking that they are turning left when they are going straight – and risk being L-boned if not worse).

2} discourage drivers using higher density residential side streets as shortcuts/racetracks and risking our lives/health/wellbeing

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Because I want Epping to be...

a safer, quieter, cleaner (less vehicle emissions), more peaceful and harmonious place to live for everyone.

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