About Imagine Epping

City of Parramatta Council wants to develop an authentic and true vision for Epping that is shaped by its community. We want you to play a critical role in making places in Epping more usable and engaging.

That is why whilst the Epping Town Planning Review is strategically looking forward at the future of the area, we want you to reimagine ways to improve Epping’s public places today. Last year we were in Epping seeking your opinion on what you love about Epping and what you need in Epping. We are seeking to realise your ideas.

How would you reshape Epping? Would you like more trees? A footpath to help you get to the shops? A community garden? From now until March 29, Council is collating and sharing suggestions for Epping.

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Should you have any questions, please contact your Place Manager for Epping at placeservices@parracity.nsw.gov.au or via phone 9806 5347.


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